2018 Cowboy Action Shooting

April 28  Five stages a
May 26  Five stages 

June 23 Five stages 

July 28  Five stages 

August 25  Five stages 

September 22 Five stages 

October 27  Five stages 

Josie Wales and Wild Bunch Shooters welcome!

Stages for October
Stage 1    Stage 2   Stage 3   Stage 4   Stage 5  

Registration:            8 a.m.
Shooter's Meeting:     8:45 a.m.
Match Begins:     9 a.m.
Long Range Events:    After Main Match
Match Fee:            $15   (spouse $10)   Side Matches:        $3         Juniors            $5
Awards for winner in each class
SASS Guidelines will be used but you do not need to be a SASS member to shoot.  Everyone is welcome!
Only lead bullets may be used. No shotgun shells larger than #7-1/2 trap load shot. 

Eye and ear protection required of all shooters and observers who attend.